Reason #2 for most software project failures: Undisciplined development.

  • Inconsistent code
  • Redundant code
  • Lacks user input when questions arise
“Only 28 percent of IT projects are delivered on schedule and within budget — which tends to suggest that nothing much changes within the IT world … similar levels of project failure were being trotted out 20 years [ago]…”

From Unisys World

zTools™ by Ideal Systems is a new dimension in Rapid Application Development (RAD). This framework for .NET/SQL Server helps developers write “as little code as necessary” through its built-in objects and data-driven architecture. Consistency and simplicity rule with zTools.

  • Minimal coding and maintenance
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Integrates seamlessly with BEAM models

zTools helps developers accomplish more in far less time. Security, menus, data entry, reports – it’s all built-in. But it’s not merely a new collection of widgets; it's a whole new philosophy that leverages “strategic coding” and extended metadata to produce solid apps quickly.

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zTools is the perfect tool these days as customers are demanding developers to “do more with less” with both time and resources.

Aman C. - Designer/Developer
Mumbai, India

zTools controls offer me an extended variety of methods, properties and events that help me to build web projects right on time for any schedule.

Cesar R. - Programmer
Scottsdale, AZ

I'd take two BEAM/zTools experts against ten .NET/SQL programmers any day.

Glen R. - Designer / Project Manager
Lehi, UT

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